Hello. Thanks for visiting Feng Shui Fortunes. Feng Shui Fortunes is a West Australian enterprise, owned and operated since 2007 by me, Fran Maunton. I first encountered feng shui and the concept that our spaces influence our lives in 2003. Shortly after, as a reaction to negative happenings that had been predicted by a feng shui consultant, I began my formal feng shui education and the pursuit of knowledge about the science.  Some may say this has become an obsession, I prefer to think of it as just another one of my passions.   A career in feng shui consulting began for me in 2006 after gaining accreditation through the Singapore Feng Shui Centre. I have continued reading and studying feng shui and other energetic modalities at every opportunity ever since. e lives for themselves that are filled with HARMONY, LOVE & PROSPERITY. I come from a place of no understanding or knowledge about energy and its influences, to a place of great (and growing) knowledge in the practice of traditional Chinese feng shui and 4 Pillars of Destiny.  I have a great desire to share this information with everyone, so that you too can work to actively embrace the unseen forces in your space and enhance the HARMONY & PROSPERITY in your family, business, community, IN YOUR LIFE.   Qualifications in Reiki, Theta Mastery and with new learnings about essential oils (modalities that integrate beautifully with feng shui) also enable me to guide clients in shifting clutter in their body and their minds. The result of harmonising the spaces in your home and workplace, mind and body is what creates the opportunity for HARMONY & PROSPERITY TO BECOME YOUR WAY OF LIFE.   I often wonder now why we aren’t taught all of this in our early years or in the education system. It has all been so helpful for me and my family, for I have learnt and know that the more I clear my space (my home, my mind and my body) the more I have a positive influence on those closest to me as well as the communities to which I belong.   My mission is to share this knowledge with as many people as possible and to make it easy for you to understand and use. You can choose between group learnings or one on one consultations.  Either way, I work to provide you with as much or as little information as you need to allow you to comfortably embrace the science and most importantly reap the benefits of feng shui, energy management, mindfulness and harmony.