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Feng Shui Fortunes is a West Australian enterprise, owned and operated since 2007 by me, Fran Maunton.

I first encountered feng shui and the concept that our space influences our lives in 2003. Shortly after, as a reaction to negative happenings that had been earlier predicted by a feng shui consultant, I began my formal feng shui education and the pursuit of knowledge about the science. Some may say this has become an obsession. I prefer to think of it as just another one of my passions.

MY VISION…..Empowering and guiding families, friends & communities to discover more meaningful connections……….. Connections to our space, to ourselves and to each other.

A career in feng shui consulting began for me in 2006 after gaining accreditation through the Singapore Feng Shui Centre. I have continued reading and studying feng shui and other energetic modalities at every opportunity ever since. My desire in this work is to create a world in which families and communities are energetically aware and empowered to create lives for themselves that are filled with HARMONY, LOVE & PROSPERITY

The beauty of working with Feng Shui Fortunes is that these complex and ancient sciences & wisdom are presented so they are easy to understand and simple to apply.

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I had always been very aware of different energies and forces but had not had any formal experience with Feng Shui until I met Fran. From that very first experience of her care and expertise when things were going haywire in our Victoria Park home and our lives, I was relieved and amazed with the instant change from simply placing an amethyst on my bedside table and the further improvement in our situation over the next few weeks as we followed your advice with placement of furniture and remedies.

It was a no brainer to get you back when we moved to Scarborough and your help with targeting the best days and times for Home Opens when selling Victoria Park was spot on.

How happy we were when we had a contract inside 2 weeks!! Working from home and having clients visit it is reassuring when time and time again people who have barely stepped over the threshold are commenting on how lovely our home FEELS…….. I say a silent thank you to you every time.

Now we are off on a new adventure to a new home and your help in planning how to best set that up will I am certain be invaluable.

We will certainly still be using your services to Feng Shui wherever we live as well as continue to have you do our annual horoscopes which I find particularly helpful for providing focus and planning when to slow down or ramp up or simply just take extra care. April 2016

— Bronette Minelli

Feng Shui Fortunes is a West Australian enterprise, owned & operated since 2007 by me, Fran Maunton.