Are you feeling stuck?

The humble broom could be the answer to your problem.

Do you have stuck energy?

Are you struggling to find a solution to a problem, or are you just feeling like nothing is going your way?

Sweep to move it!

A feng shui book that I read, that is focussed on clearing, said that ‘the ordinary act of sweeping is one of the quickest ways I know to energise your life and get centred.

Add awareness to this ordinary household task and it can also soothe the nervous system, bring you into a meditative state, and just plain make you feel better.’ (Stephanie Vogt Bennett – A Year to Clear)

Even as a feng shui practitioner myself this was a bit of an epiphany.

I saw the picture of how that act creates movement of chi at a grounded level. The image of my Mother and my Grandmother in the midst of this task came to me and recognised the presence they bought to the task.

Yes, of course, that act creates movement of chi at a grounded level, and of course, that which prevents stagnation, can only help the flow of chi.

So, dear friend.

Bring a new appreciation to the act of sweeping.

If life feels stuck.

You can’t see a solution.

Your brain is in no-go mode.

Pick up the broom & sweep for a few minutes.

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