Buying or Selling Your Home

Buying a Home

You will be familiar with walking into a house and feeling very ‘at home’. That’s because the Feng Shui is ideal!

Feng Shui Fortunes can take the guesswork out of buying your new home. We offer an affordable service to review a home prior to purchase, ensuring it has the best possible energy flow in the living areas, bathrooms and kitchen. Confirming the best days to move into the house so that everything goes smoothly for you is a helpful additional piece of information offered with this service.

Selling a Home

When a home doesn’t sell it could be due to a collection of negative energy at the front door. Or it may be that the home is not balanced within the neighbourhood. Perhaps the wrong type of people are being attracted to the home opens . We can help you present a ‘harmonious’ space that prospective buyers will feel ‘at home’ in.

Advising on the best day/s for your ‘Home Opens’ or to sign contracts based on your Feng Shui horoscope and the homes energy blueprint is a great addition to the arsenal of skills that are needed for a successful sale.


Feng Shui Fortunes have done three readings for me. The first two were asked to be done to help us sell our house at the time as we were not getting any offers of sale. You cannot imagine my surprise when both houses sold within 3 weeks of being on the market just after we had put all the feng shui items in place and moved things as suggested by Fran. The third house is our home and I feel that after putting everything that was suggested in place it is a very safe, happy, comfortable home. I would not hesitate to get any of my homes or business Feng Shuied to help with what ever it is I need help with or feel concerned about at the time. Feng Shui Fortunes service was very professional, caring and efficient and I will be recommending them to all my friends. Thank you Fran for your help with my homes and with what rooms and items to help with my son’s illnesses.

Janelle Sugden

Feng Shui Fortunes is a West Australian enterprise, owned & operated since 2007 by me, Fran Maunton.