How did I get into FENG SHUI?

17 Jul, 2018

How did I get into FENG SHUI?

Feng Shui Fortunes is a Western Australian owned and operated business that focusses on empowering people to manage the energy of their spaces so that they can live a life of Harmony & Prosperity. In 2005 I studied Feng Shui with Master Kylie Burnheim , here in WA, my accreditation & qualification being through the Singapore Feng Shui Centre. I first ventured into feng shui learning, on my own, in 2004 when things started to go awry with our money, our house and my work.

I spent hours at the library and experimenting at home with those learnings with limited success and pretty much no idea what I was actually doing. Thankfully I was eventually introduced, or (guided to ?) Kylie and began to learn why it was that I was so confused and they mysteries that are feng shui became a little more clear. A consultation at our home using traditional and authentic feng shui created profound and positive changes to many aspects of our lives, and if I wasn’t fascinated before, now there was no stopping me! Feng Shui obsession here we come!! I have been in the business of feng shui 2006, initially while also holding down a part time executive job.

In 2009 I took the giant leap to have feng shui be my only career – well apart from careers being a Mum, a wife, a choir singer and lacrosse player that is, but my only source of income!! It’s been a fabulous, scary and joyous ride. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. In fact I couldn’t have it any other way. Even when great jobs appeared before me I just knew that feng shui and energy management is what I am meant to be doing. My core business has been in consulting for individuals and business’ working with them to manage the feng shui of their spaces to improve their level of health, wealth & happiness and stop negative things from occurring.

And I have loved the introduction of my Directing The Winds Of Change Seminar as a means of sharing knowledge and helping people gather a better understanding of feng shui. I remain passionate about bringing the benefits of feng shui and energy management to as many people as possible; and helping people realise the potential & power available to them. I love that I can help people realise that they don’t have to simply take whatever their house, or life serves up to them, I can show them how make the most of their environment and their destiny.