Managing The Energy In Your Space

08 Oct, 2020

Managing The Energy In Your Space

During the years I have been a feng shui practitioner I have also come into contact, and learnt a range of skills that help manage and change energy. They change energy within the spaces that are homes, workplaces, minds and body’s. I find it endlessly fascinated and I love the empowerment offered by these practices.

I am equally surprised by all the years, even as an adult and a parent, that I had no idea about the array of energetic practices that exist and offer the opportunity to powerfully change energy.

a case of not knowing what I didn’t know

My intention with these blogs, seminars and my business is to demystify feng shui. And give you some ideas for how to create change yourselves.

Awakening people to the idea of managing the feng shui in homes as a step toward taking control of your Health, Wealth & Happiness is my jam.

The process of doing that is complex. It is layered & in depth, but some important simplicities about that are:

  • It aims to help your home breathe freely & deeply
  • The purpose is to help you live in harmony with your environment by tapping into predictable laws of nature
  • My mission is to suggest changes that are practical to clients & in keeping with who they are

Have you fallen out of love with your home or your life.

Do you feel stuck, restless or overwhelmed.

Managing the feng shui in your home is a great place to start to get you back on track. It will help you nurture yourself & your family.

Prosperity that may have felt out of reach can be captured..

The feng shui principle of yin and yang is one of opposing forces, those being night/day, male/female, hot/cold and positive/negative.

In every space there is both positive & negative energy.

Negative energy is slow, erratic & jagged, while positive moves faster, is even and smooth. 

The process of creating energetic change is to find ways to minimise negative energy – so it has less influence on you; and support (and enahnce) positive energy.so it has the opportunity to have a greater influence for you.

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