Personal Property Consultations

A personal property consultation uses six different schools of Feng Shui to map the energy flow & blue print of the property. From this chart we are able to find areas to enhance and areas that you need protect ion from.

Using personal Horoscope (4 Pillars of Destiny) information we also compare the key people in the home (or business ) with the key rooms that they use to ensure compatibility.

Using all of this information we are able to find ways to enhance wealth, business prosperity and health, stop accidents. The reading can also see possible arguments and legal problems that can all be resolved using simple Feng Shui remedies.

Depending whether you have chosen a Done 4 U or Done With U consultation will determine whether we will schedule 2 appointments or more, but you will receive

  • Basic Feng Shui Horoscope information for two adults & two children
  • A written report showing your home’s energy map, the remedies required and where to install them

The reports are compiled using information from the Flying Star, Form School, Water Theories, Symbolic Feng Shui and 4 Pillars of Destiny – collectively the most dynamic and therefore powerful of the Feng Shui Schools to work with.

Feng Shui Fortunes is a West Australian enterprise, owned & operated since 2007 by me, Fran Maunton.