The mystery that is feng shui.

03 Mar, 2021

The mystery that is feng shui.

Directing The Winds Of Change. – The 8 Steps to a Life of Harmony & Prosperity

is a seminar to help you pick up some tips to use in your home.

You will learn more about feng shui.

You will gather an understanding of how feng shui for your home works and, why investing in it makes good sense.

how to get more

Over time I began to see that some of my clients get more out of their feng shui consultation than others and that got me wandering. How can I help them all get better results.

My commitment to all of them was to support them through implementing my recommendations. I offered 3 months support, but really I supported them for as long as it took.

Most clients were getting the result they wanted, but I also wanted them to see the bigger picture of the changes they were experiencing. And I wanted them to see that the changes were connected to feng shui.


Several years ago, one client had an interesting experience. Massive, positive and prosperous changes occurred very quickly with regard to his work.

He was thrilled and his wife was surprised.

Then, all that they had attracted began, one by one, to fall away. Added to that he fell ill with stress related challenges.

We worked together through the whole process again in detail.

Exactly how the process was worked through with them and where that journey took them is a whole, long story in itself. One for another time.

But the experience of this consultation set me off in search of and with a deep desire to find a way to better educate people about feng shui.

To have them understand what could be expected, how feng shui works and why it is worth investing in.

How could I do that differently?

I asked myself if it was possible to break this information down to manageable and easily understood steps.

Several research seminars & tests later, Directing The Winds of Change, the 8 Steps to a Life of Harmony & Prosperity  formed in my mind, and found its way into being in 2016.

This seminar is now presented monthly throughout Perth.

Check this website or my social media for dates and location.

Why does this seminar exist

  • To take the mystery out feng shui & clarify the why & how about the science.
  • Have people connect to invisible forces in their lives, that do influence how well their experience health, wealth & happiness occurs.
  • Give people plenty of easy tips to implement in their own homes as a starting point to the experience of taking control of the invisible forces within their space.
  • To share my journey into feng shui, why I chose to study and work in this field
  • So that interested people got a better understanding of what to expect from a consultation, what the investment is if they choose to work with me to connect to the feng shui in their homes & themselves.

Directing The Winds Of ChangeThe 8 Steps To A Life Of Harmony & Prosperity

Mission accomplished

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