What is Feng Shui again?

21 Sep, 2020

What is Feng Shui again?

Once people know my name and what I do their next question is almost always ‘What exactly is Feng Shui?’ ‘Is that about interior decorating and moving furniture around?’

I say…. ‘well, let me tell you what feng shui is not’.

But, that takes time and a lot of words.

So for this space why don’t I tell you why people have used feng shui.

And what benefits they have experienced by managing the feng shui in their home, or office.

We personally experienced very positive changes to:

  • our financial circumstances,
  • the relationship I had with my youngest daughter, (we stopped fighting and screaming at each other),
  • my older daughter’s health improved and
  • my husband immediately began to sleep more soundly.

What about clients

Clients experienced improvements in their health.

Improvements in their children’s learning ability.

Marriages turned the corner and got back on track.

Couples have achieved pregnancy.

Children (and in offices, the staff) stopped fighting and arguing.

Finance management got better, and business’ I got more customers.

want more understanding?

I host a seminar regularly that is aimed at clearing up some of the mystery & confusion around feng shui.

And it shows you 8 Powerful Steps to Directing The Winds Of Change in and around their home.

You will gather a better understanding about the science of feng shui and why it would be useful to tap into it.

Harmony & Prosperity

It helps empower people by introducing a range of energetic practices to have at their fingertips that will improve their space and fine tune the Harmony & Prosperity their family can experience.

Book tickets to this seminar at this link