Feng Shui is understanding your environment, the movement of chi and how to access that to improve your life

Feng Shui Fortunes wants you to understand that ALL aspects of your life, yes, every single one of them, are influenced by the space in which you live and work.

Our purpose is to help you create and live a life of


Feng Shui helps to take spaces from good to great and great spaces to even better

Tapping into natural universal laws, fine tuning the feng shui in your home (or business) will help you to
  • Enhance your health
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your relationships
  • Attract more money
  • Help you fall in love with the space that is your home

You can protect yourself from misfortune, illness, arguments and gossip. It will help you build a better business, and create a harmonious family home.

Coffee Conversation

Not sure feng shui is for you? Or you have questions?

I have plenty of answers, so here’s an option that you might like to conside

Available to anyone to find out more about how Feng Shui Fortunes or our sister company, www.harmoniepropertymaintenance.com.au might be able to help you.

It’s easy, contact us to book a time, you buy the coffee and we’ll talk our expertise for you for 30 minutes.

Why? Because our work takes us into your home and if you feel you need to get to know us more before making a decision about that invitation, we are happy to accommodate that, because we feel the same.


  • Fantastic!
    I moved into a new home and since doing a full consultation for me of my home and family, subtle changes have been noticed. My business is flourishing, my home doesn’t feel so insecure and stress levels have been reduced!!! Thanks Fran – your continual assistance is fantastic – so caring and thoughtful. April 2018

    Gail Rogerson
  • House sold in three weeks.

    Feng Shui Fortunes have done three readings for me. The first two were asked to be done to help us sell our house at the time as we were not getting any offers of sale. You cannot imagine my surprise when both houses sold within 3 weeks of being on the market just after we had put all the feng shui items in place and moved things as suggested by Fran. The third house is our home and I feel that after putting everything that was suggested in place it is a very safe, happy, comfortable home. I would not hesitate to get any of my homes or business Feng Shuied to help with what ever it is I need help with or feel concerned about at the time. Feng Shui Fortunes service was very professional, caring and efficient and I will be recommending them to all my friends. Thank you Fran for your help with my homes and with what rooms and items to help with my son’s illnesses.

    Janelle Sugden
  • Having recently built a new home we enlisted the help of Fran at Feng Shui Fortunes to get us on the right track for some tricky areas we were concerned about. Fran is so obviously passionate about Feng Shui and her flexible approach and availability to clarify certain aspects and provide further advice made the whole consultation process really easy for us. She provided practical, modern solutions that were simple to implement and thanks to her advice our new home looks, and feels, great! We are very grateful and glad to have had Fran’s advice and support. July 2016

    Tegan Farley
  • Son did better at TEE – picture of books
    Fran ‘Feng Shuied” our home whilst our son was studying for his TEE. She said his study desk should be against a different wall in his room. He was far from convinced but did it anyway. After just a few weeks he noticed a dramatic improvement in his retention of facts and ended up with a TEE result that was far higher than any of us had predicted. Our new house also has a much warmer
    feel after making the few discrete changes that Fran suggested. I would highly recommend Feng Shui Fortunes. Perth, WA 2009

    Julie Goor – 2007

Feng Shui Fortunes is a West Australian enterprise, owned & operated since 2007 by me, Fran Maunton.